About us.

Peter Holm is a trained jeweler at Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen in 2010, after which he got a job as a goldsmith at Boas Smykker. There he worked to put Shamballa Jewels in production in Denmark. 

The work consisted in optimizing production, molding, mastermaking, rubber molding, rubber molding and developing methods for smarter rubber molds.

Here he became passionate for casting. Peter therefore started Holm’s Støbeteknik in 2015.

The foundry is today run by Peter and his wife Bettina, as well as Bettina’s 2 children Nathasja and Nicklas.

For 6 years, Bettina has worked at Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, where she has acquired
Great knowledge about working with wax. 

Bettina has also worked at Boas Jewelery for 3 years around Shamballa Jewel’s products where her expertise about working with wax and mounting diamonds before casting came to great help.

Holm’s Støbeteknik is located in West Zealand, Denmark.

We cast every day in all alloys.


We are proud to be a member of Copenhagen Goldsmedelaug

The Copenhagen Goldsmedelaug was founded in 1429 by Laugsskrå given by Kong Erik
by Pommern and Queen Filippa and is one of Denmark’s and perhaps the world’s oldest pool.

The purpose of the pool.

– to represent the goldsmith and to protect its interests towards the public
– to strengthen the collegial association between members
– to manage the funds and funds linked to the pool
– to help and support dignified and needy people related to the subject
– to allocate legions and prizes to those of the practitioners who have demonstrated special abilities
– to provide financial support for cultural initiatives that are in contact with the subject.